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UltraSlim® Body Contouring

Stubborn fat pockets can be nearly impossible to get rid of, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Fortunately, board-certified Angel Paas, MD and the experienced aesthetic team at Spa La Paz offer a simple solution.

Spa La Paz uses UltraSlim® technology to remove unwanted fat cells through lipolysis and give you the smooth body contours you desire without surgery or downtime. Call us at (470) 308-3793, or schedule your appointment online today!

What is UltraSlim body contouring?

UltraSlim is a noninvasive fat loss procedure that uses red light energy to temporarily rupture fat cells and help you lose inches in problem areas. It’s a lipolysis body contouring device used to smooth unwanted fat bulges and give you the slimmer figure you desire without surgery, downtime, or spending hours in the gym.

How does UltraSlim technology work?

UltraSlim technology uses red light therapy to temporarily rupture fat cells, so your body can eliminate the cell content through the lymphatic system. While UltraSlim isn’t a weight loss procedure, weight loss is often a natural byproduct of fat reduction.

UltraSlim technology is safe and effective. It can help you lose an average of 3.5 inches of fat from your hips, thighs, and waist. About 98% of patients lose at least two inches of fat during their first session.

If at least two inches are not lost, then Spa La Paz offers a full, 100%, no -questions-asked, money-back guarantee. Fat cell content removed during UltraSlim body contouring stay gone permanently, as long as you practice healthy lifestyle habits.

What happens during body contouring treatment?

Prior to an UltraSlim body contouring treatment, your Spa La Paz practitioner reviews your medical history and completes an exam to let you know if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. It might be right for you if you’re not pregnant and don’t have active cancer or take medicines that cause light sensitivity.

During treatment, you lie down on a comfortable table under red LED light and relax, while UltraSlim technology begins melting away fat and inches. The procedure is fast and painless, often lasting around 30 minutes per session. Your Spa La Paz provider might combine UltraSlim with UltraSmooth™ technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What should I expect after UltraSlim treatment?

There’s no downtime associated with UltraSlim treatment, so you can resume a normal everyday routine right away. Over time, you notice continuous improvements in body contours and fat reduction. Your aesthetic specialist might recommend a series of treatments and periodic maintenance sessions to help you achieve the most desirable outcome.

Don’t let unwanted fat pockets ruin your self-confidence when revolutionary UltraSlim technology is noninvasive, fast, and painless. Schedule an appointment with Spa La Paz over the phone or online to learn more.

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