Meet Lisa Alexander

Lisa Alexander, RN

Registered Nurse in Kennesaw, GA

Lisa Alexander, RN, is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience and extended her practice as a certified nurse injector of neurotoxins, fillers, and platelet rich plasma facial rejuvenation.

She has worked extensively in all specialties of surgery, with a great focus on plastic surgery procedures (cosmetic as well as reconstructive).

Because of her experience in the operating room with plastic surgeons, she quickly found a passion for the aesthetic industry. Lisa completed a comprehensive program and received the title as Certified Nurse Injector in 2008. She has consistently achieved excellence by continuing her education in the aesthetic industry by attending seminars and educational events surrounding the latest techniques in injection of the face.

Lisa has been referred to as a “visionary and great listener, always putting the patient first”. To that she says “I, first and foremost, am called to be a nurse. The patient’s desires, expectations and health always come first. Together we communicate and coordinate a plan that ensures their optimum satisfaction and health. I have always been a seeker and giver of knowledge and have had amazing teachers along the way who have taught me what great responsibility and honor it is to be a nurse.”

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